Odds to win NBA Clutch Player of the Year: Doncic and Fox are favourites
Luka Doncic and De'Aron Fox are the top candidates for Clutch Player of the Year. Photo by Brandon Wade/AP.

The NBA's Clutch Player of the Year is a brand-new award this season and it will be fascinating to see how voters choose the first recipient.

The latest: Luka Doncic and De'Aaron Fox are sharing favourite status, DeMar DeRozan is always a factor when the stakes are high and LeBron James is an intriguing wild card for this award.

Here are the latest NBA Clutch Player of the Year odds.

NBA Clutch Player of the Year odds

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PlayerLatest OddsOdds on Jan 15
Luka Doncic+200+125
De'Aron Fox+200+400
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander+350+270
Damian Lillard+500+350
DeMar DeRozan+600+800
Tyler Herro+1,600+1,200
Nikola Jokic+1,600+3,000
Jalen Brunson+2,000N/A
Kevin Durant+2,500+2,500
Joel Embiid+4,000N/A

Odds as of 7:48 p.m. on 01/25/2023.

Best NBA Clutch Player of the Year odds

The favourite: Doncic (+200) and Fox (+200)

Doncic is the NBA's top scorer and an undisputed elite closer, but his presence atop this board is a little confusing.

Not only does the superstar not have as many memorable buzzer-beaters as some of his compatriots, but his statistical case could also be better.

The Slovenian's clutch numbers — statistics from the final five minutes of games with a point differential of five or less — are strong, but not overwhelming.

His 99 clutch points rank fourth in the NBA, but his 40.8 points per 100 possessions rank 16th. He's also 19th in fourth-quarter points (229). Those don't seem to be the type of numbers that would win you this award.

If the voters give away the hardware based on reputation, then Doncic will be in the mix, but right now he doesn't present good value at these odds.

Doncic has a reputation as a late-game closer. Photo by Jae C. Hong/AP.

Fox, meanwhile, has raced up the board in recent weeks as his clutch stats have been too strong to deny.

The lightning-quick guard leads the league in points (58.4) and field-goal attempts (39.5) per 100 possessions in clutch situations while ranking second in raw clutch points (108).

If he can continue to thrive in those spots and make a highlight reel buzzer-beat or two, Fox's odds could shorten in a hurry.

To his credit, he already has one brilliant OT winner with time expiring.

Other NBA Clutch Player of the Year choices

Best value: DeRozan (+800)

DeRozan is known as one of the NBA's top high-leverage shotmakers, and he likely would've won this award last season if it existed.

The state of the reeling Chicago Bulls doesn't help DeRozan's chances, but his name is all over the clutch leaderboards.

His 113 clutch points are tops in the league, his 51.1 points per 100 possessions are second and his 276 fourth-quarter points rank third. Helping DeRozan's case is that he isn't just prolific in the clutch he's also efficient.

With the game on the line, he has hit a solid 49.3% of his shots and drained 93.3% of his free throws.

Player to watch: LeBron (+6,000)

Because we don't know exactly what criteria voters will prioritize for this award, it might be wise to go off the board a little bit.

James is having a strong age-38 season, and his role on the Los Angeles Lakers has been massive with Anthony Davis missing much of the season.

As a result of becoming the Lakers' centrepiece, James currently leads the NBA in fourth-quarter points, a statistic that may be persuasive to unsure voters.

From a narrative standpoint, he could also get credit for dragging his team into the play-in tournament if he's able to make that happen in the second half of the season.

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