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The Edmonton Oilers are rich in history, with five Stanley Cup championships since joining the NHL in 1979. Photo by Mark Zaleski/AP.

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The Oilers have won five of six postseason series in their history against the Flames. Which one did Calgary win?

Calgary defeated Edmonton, 4-3, before losing to the Canadiens in the 1986 Stanley Cup Final.

Why is the Oilers’ Canadian lynx mascot named “Hunter”?

Hunter helped found the World Hockey Association (where the Oilers initially played) and the Western Hockey League, too.

Edmonton joined the NHL for the 1979-80 season. Who scored the first goal in the team’s NHL era?

Lowe’s goal came in his first period as an NHLer. It was his first of 431 points over a 19-year career.

Wayne Gretzky is the all-time leading scorer for both Edmonton and the NHL as a whole. Who's No. 2 on the Oilers' all-time list?

Kurri (1,043) has nine more points than Messier (1,034).

Which of following players wasn't a first-round selection of the Oilers?

Foegele was selected in the third round of the 2014 draft by the Hurricanes.

In which round did the Oilers draft Wayne Gretzky?

Gretzky signed with Edmonton in the WHA and was able to remain on the team when the league merged with the NHL.

Who has scored the most power-play goals in Oilers history?

Draisaitl (128) has two more than Smyth and Anderson (126).

Who leads the Oilers in game-winning goals?

Anderson's 72 GWG are more than second-placed McDavid (64).

"Peter Puck" was a longtime cartoon character on Hockey Night in Canada. That's also a nickname for which former Oilers member?

Pocklington served as Edmonton's owner from 1976-98.

The Oilers drafted three Hall of Famers in 1979. Which of the following players wasn't selected that year?

Coffey was selected sixth overall in the 1980 NHL Draft.
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