Responsible Gaming Resources

NorthStar Gaming is committed to the principles of responsible gaming. Editorial staff and content creators have completed seminars on responsible gaming best practices produced and conducted by the Responsible Gaming Council of Ontario.

For more information on responsible gaming, visit the Responsible Gaming Council.

Northstar Gaming is equally committed to providing a safe betting environment, with an emphasis on entertainment and education. For more on our Editorial Standards and Practices, click here.

For a list of our educational how-to articles, click here. 

To review the Alcohol and Gaming Commission Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming, click here.

Do you suspect you have a gambling problem? Or are you worried about someone’s gambling? Find Gambling Help for Canadians, click here.

Find Local Help for Problem Gambling, click here.

Help for Loved Ones, click here.

Multilingual help for Gambling, click here.

Take control of your gambling debt, click here.

NorthStar Bets editorial Insiders have no influence, direct or otherwise, over the setting of odds advertised on our platforms.