The Barbie Movie Quiz

Photo by Lee Jin-man/AP. Margot Robbie poses for the media prior to a news conference of the movie "Barbie." in Seoul, South Korea, Monday, July 3, 2023. The film is to be released in the country on July 19.

Think you know your Barbie movie trivia?

Put your knowledge of the summer's hottest movie to the test with our 10-question, multiple-choice The Barbie Movie Quiz!

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Where do the Barbies live?

Who plays Ken in the Barbie movie?

What shape is Barbie's bed?

What is Barbie's house called?

Who is Barbie in love with?

Who is Midge?

What does Barbie say at the Blowout Party?

Barbie must choose between a pair of heels and ____ to enter the real world?

What is Ken's job?

What does Ken name Barbie's house?

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