The Un-Bustable Bracket Challenge Leaderboard
The Kansas Jayhawks are looking to repeat as national champions. Photo by David J. Phillip/AP.

The Sweet 16 is set and this year’s tournament has been crazy, to say the least.

Here are the Un-Bustable Fantastic Fifty, the players with the top scores using all the tie-breaking rules.

There are sure to be more surprises with four rounds left to play, so there’s lots of time to make it onto this list (or to drop off it) — keep fixing your bracket at

Leggs31 moved up 27 spots on the leaderboard thanks to three of their altered picks winning in the Round of 32.

It wasn’t enough to get by Paddyspicks, though, who currently leads with 110 points after the second round.

Some players decided to not take advantage of the interactive bracket and that came back to bite them.

Prime Time fell from second to eighth after making zero adjustments to their bracket following the first round.

Meanwhile, Pimennte14 fell a whopping 26 spots from third to 29th after also failing to re-select any of their incorrect picks after the first round.

Players will have up until one hour before tip-off on Thursday to adjust their picks for the Sweet 16. Utilizing this feature properly will be crucial in separating from the pack. Best of luck, and March on! 

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