Pitch Talks Episode 7, Blue Jays collapse and offseason outlook
Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (27) looks on from the dugout as they face the Seattle Mariners during ninth inning American League wild card MLB postseason baseball action in Toronto on Saturday, October 8, 2022. Photo by: Nathan Denette/CP

In Episode 7 of Pitch Talks, hosts Andrew Zuber of The Parleh and Nick Ashbourne of NorthStar Bets break down the Blue Jays' playoff collapse and their offseason outlook before turning their sights on the rest of the MLB playoffs.

Show lineup:
- Blue Jays Vibe Check
- Offseason Outlook (24:00)
- MLB Playoff Likeability Index (40:00)-
- The Run Line (50:00)

Debut: Oct. 14, 2022
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