How to play Ontario online slots: Odds, strategies and payouts
Find out about the best strategies and how to play Ontario online slots — the easiest and most accessible form of casino gambling. (Wayne Parry/AP)

Historically, the easiest and most accessible form of casino gambling has been slots. Pick which game you want to play and how much to spend, and then start spinning. Your results appear within a few seconds.

And the best part is, it’s just you and the game. No other players and you don't need any skill — it’s all about the luck of the spin.

Eye-popping visuals and sounds enhance the experience of most slot games. Some are named after game shows (Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, The Price Is Right), reality shows (American Idol, The Amazing Race), drama series (Game of Thrones) or movies (The Hangover, Alien, Star Trek). The pop culture branding is an enticing feature for some bettors, just as it is at certain amusement parks.

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Wheel of Fortune slots are arguably the most popular because they offer a chance to win bonus spins that pay out in cash, just like the real game. If your bonus spins succeed, the machine will say, “Wheel of Fortune!”

Another interesting game is Lobstermania, which has several ways to win and features a fisherman pulling various lobsters from a trap.

How to play Ontario online slots

Once you've deposited some money, the funds will appear on your screen. Bets are deducted from your bankroll, and money earned from your wins is added back to it.

Click on a button to indicate how much you want to bet on each spin. You'll see minimum and maximum wager amounts, which represent your betting range. Refer to the pay table to determine the payouts for each spin.

Slot wins are determined by how objects align on the screen — horizontally, vertically, diagonally or even zig-zag. If you aren't having much luck with one game, you can always switch to another one and transfer your account funds.

The ease of movement is one of many reasons why slots are so popular.

Strategies to increase the odds

When playing slots, as with other betting formats, higher risk leads to higher reward. That's why max betting can be a rewarding way to play.

If you hit a pattern with huge odds, the payout multiplies in accordance with the pay table. If you’re playing Lucky 7 and the numbers stop on the same horizontal line, which does not happen very often, you can win big.

With that said, playing with higher stakes has its risks. There are no certainties with slots, and players can make several consecutive spins without winning.

There’s only one absolute rule: You can’t win if you don’t spin.

Know your limit

All bettors should put this into practice: Set a limit and stick to it. With how easy slots are to play, and how quickly you win or lose, some bettors may struggle to know when to quit.

It is always easier to play with money won, known as house money, than with scared money, which refers to money a bettor cannot afford to lose. Perhaps you’re playing beyond your original bankroll to dig out of a hole, expecting the next spin to salvage your failed wagers. But that can lead to larger losses.

To use a baseball analogy, you’re either ahead in the count or behind. Trying to win back a significant amount of lost money can be a perilous proposition – in slots or any casino game. Slots are easy to play, but it's best not to get in too deep.  

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