Odds to become the next James Bond after Daniel Craig: Henry Cavill now +200
Check out the latest James Bond odds. Find out who are the betting favourites to become the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. Photo credit: Shizuo Kambayashi/AP.

Ever since Daniel Craig's time as James Bond came to an end with No Time to Die in 2021, there has been rampant speculation about who might fill his shoes.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is generating a lot of buzz recently, Henry Cavill checks a lot of boxes and James Norton would bring impressive acting chops to the role.

Here are our James Bond odds on the next actor to take on the role.

James Bond odds

Aaron Taylor-Johnson+175
Henry Cavill+200
James Norton+200
Rene Jean Page+650
Tom Hardy+800
Aiden Turner+1,400
Chiwetel Ejiofor+1,400
Dan Stevens+1,400
Idris Elba+1,400
Jack Lowden+1,400

Odds as of 10:52 a.m. on 04/11/2023.

The favourite: Aaron Taylor-Johnson (+175) - Bet here

Taylor-Johnson might not be the first name Bond fans would think of to play the iconic role, but he has plenty of qualities that would make him a fit.

He has tons of experience in action movies from starring in the Kick-Ass franchise to a role in the MCU, as well as his recent performance in Bullet Train.

Taylor-Johnson also has some acting credentials as a Golden Globe winner with a pair of BAFTA nominations in his back pocket.

One of his best advantages over the field in his youth. At 32 years old, he's the type of actor who could carry this franchise for 15 years or more.

Taylor-Johnson is rumoured to have done a screen test for the role of Bond, but we won't know how well it went until the announcement of Craig's successor is made.

Other Bond choices

Henry Cavill (+200) - Bet here

Cavill has become a fascinating figure in Hollywood recently as he left a leading role with Netflix's hit series The Witcher to seemingly re-commit himself to the role of Superman in DC's films.

Then James Gunn took over the DCU and opted not to bring Cavill back to the role. The star has since signed on to a Warhammer 40K adaption, but it's unclear how large a commitment that will be.

Cavill is a big-name British action star who often shows up on lists of the sexiest or most handsome men alive, making him a logical choice to play Bond.

That said, there haven't been many rumours linking him to the role, In addition, his Warhammer 40K work may become all-encompassing and, at 39 years old, he might be considered too older to re-launch this franchise.

James Norton (+200) - Bet here

Norton is not an established action star and he's far better known by British audiences than American ones at this point.

That said, his performance in Happy Valley has been critically acclaimed, and the series just wrapped up — leaving Norton ready for a lengthy commitment.

While Taylor-Johnson or Cavill are arguably better equipped to embody Bond's physicality, Norton would be an excellent choice if the next vision for Bond emphasizes intelligence and sophistication.

Like Cavill, he's on the older side at 37, but Craig was 38 when his first Bond movie was released, so that's unlikely to be disqualifying.

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